Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: The Citizen-Examiner
Place of publication: Hayneville, AL
Date of publication: Nov 22, 1881 11:50 pm
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As soon as the shooting took place, several white men present arrested McGEE, and placed him in n hack, sending for the sheriff to come and take charge of the prisoner. But a mob of disorderly and lawless negroes gathered around the cab with cries of ‘hang him,” “kill him,” and It was only by the most determined efforts of some half dozen white men, assisted by several colored men, that the infuriated mob could be kept back until the sheriff arrived They succeeded in dragging McGee from the hack once, but just at the time the sheriff and deputy GARNER came up. and with the assistance of the small posse of law-abiding whites and blacks, the black demons were kept back until the hack could be driven to the jail, where McGEE is now safely confined.