Source Type: Newspaper
Author: n.a.
Publisher: Greene County Democrat
Place of publication: Greenville, AL
Date of publication: 3/29/1907

A negro, Cleveland Hardin, attempted to criminally assault Mrs Rice, the wife of a farmer living near Florence, last fnday, and was prevented from accomplishing his object by a shepherd dog, which fiercely attacked the negro and caused him to release his hold upon the lady, when she ran off and escaped. The negro fled, but was captured Sunday evening with the aid of hounds, and taken to Mrs. Rice, who identified him and fainted, lhe mob, consisting of 300 persons, took him out, tied him to a tree and shot him to death, the husband of the lady firing the first shot, The Sheriff, who was a brother-in-law of Mrs Rice, tried mighty hard to prevent the lyncning, but he was disarmed and held, and could do nothing. Mr. Rice had bonded the negro out of jail, and was off attending court as a juror when the attempted assault was made.


Greene County Democrat (Greenville, AL), March 29, 1907.