Source Type: Newspaper
Author: n.a.
Publisher: The North Alabamian
Place of publication: Tuscumbia, AL
Date of publication: 3/28/1907

No appology is required, none expected and none will be giveu for the lynching of Cleveland Hardin in Lauderdale County Sunday afternoon. The daily papers have given the crime and penalty completely the past few days, and those who have lived in the South, who have seen and known the negro in his capacity of brute, as exemplified by this latest specimen, will nod their heads in accordance with the act of the citizens for mere words, however strong, cannot declare or express “the weight and strength of feeling experienced by men when it is known some negro demon has assaulted a white woman. The law ia good and the majority of men are law-abiding, but let the same offense be given in any commuuitv bounded by the points of the compass and the result is the same. Death is the only end and is meted out in different forms, yet, after all, even the most horrible punishment seems too merciful for the negro rapist and that is wiiy such lynchings often are burning and torture. The honor of Southern women is the highest ideal of Southern men and they will protect and fight for her, and as soon as the negro learns this, so soon will he improve his own opportunities. Disregard of this fact means his doom.


The North Alabamian (Tuscumbia, AL), March 28, 1907.