Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: The Moulton Advertiser
Place of publication: Moulton, Alabama
Date of publication: Apr 17, 1878 11:50 pm

Messrs. z. B. Palmer and W. T. Potter were recently deputized to go toTus- caloosa county after some fugitive negroes, and we learn that Mr. Palmer was forced to kill Abe Bates in self defence. Bates was informed that he was wanted in Law- rence co. and expressed his willingness to return, but changed his mind in a short time and with a heavy club inflicted several blows upou his captor. Palmer shot Bates through the leg and arm, supposing those flesh wounds would couquer him but it on- ly increased his rage and the next ball pass- ed through his heart from which he died in about three hours. Abe was willing to try the realities of the spirit world and after justifying P. in the shooting, sent word to his colored friends to meet him on the shi- ning shore beyond the sun-set’s radiant glow.