Negro Killed

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: The Tuscaloosa News
Place of publication: Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Date of publication: Apr 10, 1878 11:50 pm

t Nemo last Thursday, the Dap- uty of Lanreuco County, Aln., who had a warrant for his arrest, came up with Abe Bntes, (who had committed some crimo in Lanrence, ou MeParland’s farmi, on Biniou’s Creek in this county. Tho Doputy told Abo bis and they started off Loguther, to where the Deputy’s companion and horse had been left. A be sit his shoe was ‘hurtin’ lins loot.” HIe slooped down and roso with a stick, aud pitehed into the Deputy, right and left,- who was doing his best in ward off the blows. Finally bo fired on Abe, hiting him in the arm – -bnt Abe “kept and he gave him n ball in the leg, when Abe broke. Finding that the Deputy wns about to over-hanl him, he catue to n “right n-bout,” and again nsing his stick,-which the Deputy failed to wreueh from him, and fearing be would get away agnin used his pistol, shooting him in tho bow- els or stomach. He died in two or three hours after being shot. The Deputy, Mr. Palmer caino to town Friday morning, and reported tho facts.