“Negro Lynched.”

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: The Florala News
Place of publication: Florala, Alabama
Date of publication: 3/28/1907 0:00

SS NEGRO LYNCHED Near Hartford in Geneva County. A special from Dothan says a Joe Lawrence, a young negro, who insulted Miss Eva Moseley, of Geneva county, was pursued by a posse with bloodhounds until late Monday night and there is every indication that the negro was captured and put to death. Miss Moseley is the daughter of John Moseley, who lives a short distance west of Hartford. She was returning from a neighbor’s house Monday morning, and just as she was out of sight of the house she saw the negro sitting beside the road. She turned and walked down a narrow pathway which led through a skirt of woods. The negro sneaked through the skirt of woods and attempted to over take the young woman as she was nearing her home. The screams of the terrified girl brought her father and brother to her assistance, whose appearance caused the brute to make his escape before he was able to seize her. The two men fired at the negro several times without effect. The alarm was given, and within a few minutes scores of enraged citizens from Hartford were on the negro’s trail with blood hounds. The pursuit lasted all day, until late at night, when Sheriff Butler, of Houston, was summoned to the scene with two fresh dogs. Mr. Butler reached Hartford at 3 o’clock Tuesday morning when he was told that he had arrived too late to be of any service as the citizen were “satisfied”.