Negro Lynched

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: Macon Beacon
Place of publication: Macon, Mississippi
Date of publication: 1907

Columbus, Miss., Aug, 28- John Gibson, a negro, was lynched at the home of Ed. winbourne, near Carrollton, Ala., at noon today for criminally assaulting Mrs. Winbourne yesterday. A mob of 100 men from that community took him to the woods and strung him up to a limb after Mrs. Winbourne had identified him as her assailant. He made no statement beyond a bare denial of his guilt.

While his body was dangling in the air the members of the mob emptied their pistols into it, fully 500 shot being discharged into the corpse literally tearing it to pieces. The clew as to who performed the horrible deed was given by a negro friendly to the Winbourne family, who had seen Gibson hanging around the Winbourne home during the morning. When the prime became known this negro told the white people who he had seen gave such description of Gibson as resulted in his recognition and capture.


Negro Lynched. 1907 August. Macon Beacon, Macon, Mississippi. pg 2