Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Place of publication: St. Louis, Mo
Date of publication: 09/16/1893

“The Populist stronghold of Alabama has furnished another sensation. One days last week the gin and cotton house of J.E. Woods was burned, and Paul Archer, Will Archer, Polk Hill and Ed Guyton and Ellen Fant, all negroes, were arrested charged with the crime and locked up in the Carrollton jail. One of the darkies turned State’s evidence and he was released, while the others were undergoing a preliminary examination. On Thursday night a mob of 100 armed men proceeded in the jail and after overpowering the Sheriff gained entrance to the jail and fired 100 bullets into each of the negroes, after which they quietly dispersed. The negroes were completely shot to pieces, blood being bespattered all over the jail, even the ceiling being painted red with human blood.”


St. Louis Post-Dispatch (1879-1922); St. Louis, Mo. [St. Louis, Mo] 16 Sep 1893: 1.