“Norwood – 06/01/1892-07/01/1892”

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: The Birmingham News
Place of publication: Birmingham
Date of publication: Jun 6, 1892 12:00 am
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KILLED AT CARTHAGE. A Desperate Negro Resists Arrest and is Killed. Special to the Daily News: CARTHAGE, ALA., June 6.-A negro named General Norwood was killed near here yesterday by the Deputy Sheriff of Tuskaloosa county. The officer tried to arrest him, and he resisted. In the struggle that followed the negro was shot twice-once in the hand and once in the head-the latter causing death instantly. Norwood was considered a dangerous negro. He and a negro named Jim Sadler were suspected of murdering another negro near the depot in Tuskaloosa a year or two ago. He is also believed to be the negro who snatched a *missing word* book out of a young lady’s hand *missing word* walking along the streets of *missing word.*