Police Probe Lynching Case at Tuscaloosa

Source Type: Other
Publisher: The Anniston Star
Place of publication: Anniston, AL
Date of publication: 9/25/1933 0:00
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POLICE PROBE LYNCHING AT TUSCALOOSA Negro Taken From Home and Slain by White Men Posing as- Officers TUSCALOOSA, Ala., Sept. 25. (U.P) -Police continued investigation here today in the lynching yesterday of Dennis Cross, negro, by six men who came to his house posing as officers of the law. The negro’s body was found near the Tuscaloosa Country Club several hours after the party of white men drove away with him. He had been shot three times. Cross was under $300 bond on a charge resulting from reports that he had insulted a young white woman. The men told Cross they had to take him to the sheriff’s office to raise his bond. He had been in jail several days, but an employer fixed bail. The young woman identified Cross as the negro who accosted her two weeks ago near the Country Club. Authorities ordered the bullets removed from the negro’s body and ballistics experts will examine them in an effort to uncover identity of members of the six-man most through their weapons. The case probably will be presented for investigation by a special grand jury, now in recess, called to investigate the lynching near here on August 13 of Dan Pippen, Jr., and A. T. Harden, negro suspects in the assault and murder of a young white farm girl.