Preliminary Trial of Charles Stallworth. The Slayor of John Thomas.

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: Tuscaloosa Weekly Times
Place of publication: Tuscaloosa, AL
Date of publication: Aug 25, 1899 12:00 am
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PRELIMINARY TRIAL Of Charles Stallworth. The Slayor of John Thomas.

The preliminary trial of Charles Stallworth was held in the court house this forenoon before Justice of the Peace, J. W. Carson. The state was represented by Hon. J. Manly;, Foster, and the defense was conducted by Judge V. G. Cochrane and capt. A. B. Mc-Eachin. The testimony was soon brought out, developing little else than has already been given to the public. There with left no doubt as to the identification of John Thomas as the villain who made the devilish attempt upon the innocence of Mrs. Stallworth, and from whose diabolical design she was timely rescued. It is, to the say the least, unnecessary to go over the details of this affair Mr. Charles Stallworth was bound over to the next term if the grand jury for manslaughter, and his bond fixed at $25O. The bond was readily given, the following named persons becoming sureties on the same: John U, Stallworth, W. P. Stallworth. W. E. Mc Gown, Robt. H. Seymour. Several of the friends and relatives of t he family came up on the morning train, among them Messrs. Thomas Clay, J.J. Andrews, W. E. McGowan. R. II. Seymour, W. P. Stallworth. There were only a few in attendance at the investigation, and the entire audience seemed to be impressed with the well-bred gentlewoman’s demeanor as she went through the unpleasant ordeal of the trial as a duty to her manly husband, and respect for the majesty of the law. She and Mr. Stallworth have the kindest sympathy of many good and true people in this city, and rejoice with them that the condition of things is no worse, and that the good woman escaped a cruel fate worse than death. Messrs R. H. Seymour of Livington ; W E Mc Gown, J J Andrews, Thomas Clay and Mrs. Charles Stallworth of Cuba, Ala, came up this morning to be present at the preliminary trial of Mr. Charles Stallworth which was held in the court house at ten thirty this morning.