Probe Mob Lynching

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: The Kokomo Tribune
Place of publication: Kokomo, Indiana
Date of publication: 9/25/1933 0:00
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PROBE MOB LYNCHING SECOND IN TUSCALOOSA COUN- TY, ‘ALABAMIA, IN SIX WEEKS STIRS OFFICERS. Tuscaloosa. Ala, Sept 25.-The second lynching in Tuscaloosa county within the past six weeks was under investigation by the sheriff’s department today. Sheriff Shamblin ordered the insuring yesterday after the body of Dennis Cross, Negro under bond on a. charge of assaulting a white woman, was taken from his home by men posing as officers and shot to death: The sheriff ;said. he was told the group of six or seven men appeared at the negro’s home and cold Dennis it was necessary for him to go to. Tuscaloosa and post 2 larger bond. The slaying of Dennis followed by six weeks to the day the lynching of Dan Pippen, Jr., and A T. Harden, negroes under indictment on a charge of murdering the daughter of a Tuscaloosa county farmer.