Pursuit of Jim Harden

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: The Union-Banner
Place of publication: Clanton, Alabama
Date of publication: 11/24/1904 0:00

Maplesville, Nov. 21, 1904 Editor Banner–There is still great excitement here about the shooting of Mr. Davenport and until yet we haven’t any sure track of the negro, Jim Harden, that did the shooting. Some think one thing about his whereabouts and some think another, and so there are none of us that know. It is Mr. E. G. Ensign’s opinion that he is still around Maplesville. Mr. Ensign has certainly taken an active part in trying to capture this negro. As Sheriff Morgan was in town early Saturday morning we hope and believe that he is going to make a greater effort to capture him and probably will bring him in soon.