Rev.S.E.J. Watson Speaks Before White Ministers Union

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Lynching in the United States in the First Ten Months of 1919. By States

Alabama, 8 (1 white); Arkansas, 5; Colorado,  2 (Mexicans); Florida 4; Georgia, 17; Louisiana, 8; Mississippi, 10; Missouri, 1 (White); Nebraska, 1; North Carolina, 2; South Carolina, 1; Tennessee, 1; Texas, 3. Total 63.

The manner of lynching was as follows: Burned, 11; Shot to death, 20; handed, 19; beaten to death, 2; cut to pieces, 1; drowned, 1; manner unknown, 9. Total 63.

The alleged causes are as follows: Insulting white women, 5; altercation with white man, 1, attempting to pull white woman from horse,1; trouble between white and colored cotton mill worker, 1; assault on white woman,12; murder, 18; insulting white man, 1; shooting white man,6; attempted assault on white woman, 4; result of race riot, 1; talking of Chicago riot, 1; not turning out of road for white boy in auto, 1; leader among Negroes,1; circulating incendiary literature, 1; misleading mob, 1;  boastful remarks rc killing of sheriff, 1; intimacy with white woman,4; found under bed in white man’s house 1; expressing himself too freely re lynching of Negro,1; causes unknown,1. Total 63.


Shiloh’s Eloquent Paster Ably Presents the Case of His Race. Topeka Plaindealer.Kanas: Topeka