Riddled With Bullets

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: Courier-Journal
Place of publication: Louisville, Kentucky
Date of publication: Dec 28, 1889 12:00 am
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RIDDLED WITH BULLETS. An Alabama Mob Makes Short Work of a Brutal Negro. Birmingham, Ala., Dec. 27. – (Special.)- Several days ago, near Fayette Courthouse, Ala., Bud Wilson, a young negro, entered the house of Mrs. James Fowler, while she was alone, and attempted to criminally assault her. She screamed and the negro attempted to escape, but a neighbor gave the alarm, and calling assistance, he set out after the rascal. Wilson was caught a short distance from the house, but officers took charge of him and the next morning set out for Tuscaloosa, the counts seat, with their prisoner. Meantime the news of the attempted assault spread in the neighborhood, and Fowler’s friends determined to take the law in their own hands. They intercepted the officers in a stretch of woodland, and taking their prisoner from them, hung him to an adjoining tree and riddled his body with bullets. The matter has been kept very quiet and did not get outside of the neighborhood until after the negro had been buried for several days.