Saved By Dog

Source Type: Newspaper
Author: n.a.
Publisher: The Caucasian
Place of publication: Shreveport, LA
Date of publication: 3/24/1907

SAVED BY DOG Faithful Animal Prevented Diabolical Deed by a Negro, Florence, Ala., March 23.Mrs. Ben F. Rice, living on a farm near here, was saved Saturday from a negro’s clutches by her shepherd dog. The negro, a farmhand, named Cleveland Harding, finding Mrs. Rice alone, entered the house and attempted to assault her. The dog answered her screams and at once went after the negro, giving the woman a chance to extricate herself. Harding, getting away from the dog, fled.


“Saved By Dog.” The Caucasian (Shreveport, LA), March 24, 1907.