Saved By Dogs

Source Type: Newspaper
Author: n.a.
Publisher: The News-Democrat
Place of publication: Paducah, KY
Date of publication: 3/23/1907

SAVED BY DOG Faithful Animal Rescues Mistress from Clutches of Negro, Florence, Ala., March 23. A large mob left here at 10 o’clock last night with bloodhounds for the home of Ben Rice, a prominent planter, seven mile west of here, looking for Cleveland Hardin, a negro, who attempted to criminally assault Mrs. Rice, this…while she was alone in her house.. If the negro is captured he will be immediately lynched aa this was the determination of the heavily armed men who are after him when they left here. From the reports of the encounter that reached here last night, it seems that Mrs. Rice had a frightful struggle with the negro, and that she was rescued from him by the timely arrival of a faithful shepherd dog, which flew at the negro’ throat and pulled him down while his mistress broke loose from his clutches. Once free, Mr. Rice started on a dead run for a neighor’s house, screaming loudly for help, the faithful dog bringing up the rear and fighting the negro, who. after a race of 100 yards, gave up the contest and slunk away into the bushes. Mrs. Rice’s clothes were torn nearly off of her body, and she received serious bruises.


“Saved By Dog.” The News-Democrat (Paducah, KY), March 23, 1907.