Shepherd Dog Saves Mistress

Source Type: Newspaper
Author: n.a.
Publisher: The Tennessean
Place of publication: Nashville, TN
Date of publication: 3/25/1907

SHEPHERD DOG SAVES MISTRESS. Attacks Negro Who Was Bent on Criminal Assault. FOILS SCOUNDREL’S PURPOSE. Lauderdale County Ala. at a High Pitch of Excitement Over Attempt Made on a Farmer’s Wife— Bloodhounds and a Big Posse After the Villain. FLORENCE, Ala March 22 -(special) A large posse of men with bloodhounds hastily brought from Columbia left here tonight at 10 o’clock for the home of Ben Rice a farmer living seven miles west of Florence where they will be put on the trail of a black brute who attempted to criminally assault Mrs Rice this afternoon. Mrs Rice was alone at the home her husband being in Florence attending court. The negro’s name is Cleveland Harding. He was bailed out of Jail by Mr Rice who hired him as a farm hand. Finding Mrs Rice alone this afternoon he entered the house and seized her. Her screams and struggles attracted her large shepherd dog which bounded to her rescue and attacked the negro. While the villain was fighting off the dog, Mrs. Rice managed to extricate herself from his clutches and ran a hundred yards, the negro following. Her screams and the dog’s barks frightened him off. Mrs. Rice’s clothing was almost torn off of her and her arm badly bruised. She is a sister-a-law of Sheriff Young, of this county, and about 30 years old. She managed to reach the home of a neighbor, Mr. Rice being sent for at once. Florence is tremendously excited over the affair and a lynching seems assured if the negro is caught. There is some talk of having the Wheeler Rifles called out, but no steps have been taken to that end at midnight. The negro was in jail for cutting another negro in Florence. He is of middle age and walks with a limp. It is not known here where he went from the Rice home. The Rices are highly respectable people.


“Shepherd Dog Saves Mistress.” The Tennessean (Nashville, TN), March 25, 1907.