Shot 1,000 Times

Source Type: Newspaper
Author: n.a.
Publisher: News-Democrat
Place of publication: Paducah, KY
Date of publication: 3/25/1907

SHOT 1000 TIMES ANGRY MOB MAKES NEGRO PAY FOR FIENDISH CRIME. Cleveland Hardin Riddled With Bullets For Criminal Assault upon Mrs. B. F. Rice. Florence, Ala., March 25. Cleveland Hardin, the negro who attempted to criminally assault Mrs. B, F. Rice, at her home near here Friday afternoon, was lynched by a heavily armed mob of the best citizens of the county yesterday, afternoon, the husband of his victim firing the first shot into his body. At Rice’s suggestion the man was shot to death, his arms being pinned behind him and he being tied to a tree. After Mr. Rice had virtually Killed the negro with a bullet from a Winchester rifle, the mob drew their guns and fired into the body. It was estimated that over 1,000 shots were fired before the fusillade ended. Hardin was captured at 2 o’clock yesterday afternoon on the bank of the Tennessee river half a mile below Florence. His captors immediately started for Rice’s home at a doublequick step, and before they had gotten two mlles from town everybody In the community knew of the arrest. Every man who could leave, buckled on his pistol or shouldered his rifle and started out to overtake the black and his captors. By the time Rice’s home was reached the mob numbered several hundred men. When the negro was brought before Mrs. Rice she fainted, and was revived with difficulty. The leaders of the mob asked her what should be done with Hardin and she replied: “Do what you want to and fainted again. They carried the negro half a mile from the house of Rice, and after tying him to a stump, stood back while Mr. Rice took deliberate aim and sent bullet through Hardin’s heart. Immediately following the report Hardins bead fell forward without so much as a groan, the thongs holding his body up, and instantly the mob began to shoot, firing until every gun was empty


“Shot 1,000 Times.” News-Democrat (Paducah, KY), March 25, 1907.