“Shot and Captured After a Desperate Battle with the Sheriff’s Posse” Seams Report in Brooklyn NY

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: The Brooklyn Daily Eagle
Place of publication: Brooklyn, NY
Date of publication: Jan 28, 1888 12:00 am
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SHOT AND CAPTURED After a Desperate Battle With the Sheriffs Posse. TUSCALOOSA, Ala., January 28. The negro, Jim Seams, who killed Deputy Sheriff Autrey on Tuesday last. was captured yesterday morning in the Big Sandy neighborhood about twenty-five miles south of here after a desperate battle with the Sheriff’s posse. He was surrounded in the house of another negro and as the posse approached he opened fire, which was returned with tolling effect. As the negro fired through a partly opened window he exposed his head and the upper part of his body and Mr. G. W. Sigman, who headed the posse, shot him, nine buckshots taking effect in the neck and face. He was brought here and lodged in Jail. The wounds were not fatal. Talk of lynching is heard and the Sheriff has telegraphed Governor Seay to order out the militia.