Shot to Death: A Would-Be Rapist Killed

Source Type: Newspaper
Author: n.a.
Publisher: The Standard Gauge
Place of publication: Brewton, AL
Date of publication: 7/7/1892
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ft’OUH-B RAPIST KILLED . A special from Birmingham July 6th says: Sunday afternoon one Miss Brickfield, a well know and highly-respected j’onng womnn of Jasper, was walking along the road near her home; She was met by an unknown he gro man who asasulted her with tho evident Intention or rape. Sht screamed, and by main force re leased herself from the man, and fled to tho house. The negro dis appeared.– A short time afterwards Mr. Kil gore, a citizen of Jasper, henre hi wife screaming down in a field near the family home. He hurried to her assistance, and was under the impression that 6he had been bit ten by a snake. When Mr. Kilgore came in sight of his wife he saw her in the clutch 08 of a negro man, and both were struggling violently. Mr. Kilgore cried. out in a loud voice, while running at the top of his speed to his wife s assistance, and the negro, hearing tho shout ing ran away without accomplish ing his purpose. The outraged husband pit i sued him for some distance, and being unable to over take him, returned to his house for his gun and dog. Resuming his chase, he followed the negro to wards Black river, the negro was emerging from the water on the op posito side. Mr. Kilgore fired upon the rascal and it is bcleived he wounded him Returning to Jasper, he gave the alarm, and almost the entire male population turned out in search of the would-be rapist. About night they discovered that he was in a dense swam about eight miles in extent. Dark ness coming on, they were unabl to go into the swamp, but there were enough men to suround it and this was dono, and those men stood there on guard throughout the night waiting for the dawn and the negro. Just as tne sun was rising yes tcrday morning they began to close in upon the doomed man. Thev hemmed him in and shot him to death, riddling his black body with bullets. The man fought desperately but against overwhelming odds. mere is no aoubt tnat the man who was killed is the same who at temped to outrage Miss Brickfield a short time before he made the assault upon Mrs. Kilgore.


“Shot to Death: A Would-Be Rapist Killed.” The Standard Gauge (Brewton, AL), July 07, 1892.