Six Killed in Alabama Rioting

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: Saturday Morning Advertiser
Place of publication: Durant, Oklahoma
Date of publication: 7/12/1930 0:00
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Six killed in alabama rioting.
Two white men and four negroes killed result of July fourth argument and fight.
Six persons, two white men, one negro woman and three negro men, are dead at Emelle, Alabama, the result of a fourth argument between whites and negroes.
Four other negroes, with $300.00 on each of their heads, are still at large, however, most of the posse men have disbanded.
An unidentified negro negro man and Viola Dial, a negro woman were at last to be killed in the rioting.
Official rewards which have been posted for the four negro fugitives, governor Bibb Graves said at Montgomery, “are not merely for negroes who killed white men” but would be paid “for arrest and conviction of anybody, white or black, responsible at Emelle.”