Slayer of Sheriff Fatch Lynched

Source Type: Newspaper
Author: n.a.
Publisher: The Tuskegee News
Place of publication: Tuskegee, AL
Date of publication: 1/28/1909

Mobile, Ala., Jan. 23. – A mob of small number early this morning took Douglas Robertson, the negro who on Thursday killed Deputy Sheriff Fatch in a pistol fight here, from the county jail and hanged him to a tree on a residence street just outside of the business section of the city.

While trying to arrest the negro Robertson at 11 o’clock Thursday morning, Deputy Sheriff Philip Fatch and Deputy Sheriff William McCarron were fired upon the negro at close range, the first bullet from Robertson’s revolver striking Fatch in the stomach, and the second bullet imbedding itself and the second bullet imbedding itself in the left ankle of McCarron.


“Slayer of Sheriff Fatch Lynched.” The Tuskegee News (Tuskegee, AL), January 28, 1909.