Swift Punishment for Mob Promised

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: The York Daily News- Time
Place of publication: York, Nebraska
Date of publication: 8/16/1933 0:00
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SWIFT PUNISHMENT FOR MOB PROMISED Two Negroes Lynched and Third Wounded; Accused of Murdering White Girl TUSCALOOSA, Ala., Aug. 16 (U.P.) -Full and swift punishment of members of a mob that lynched two negroes and wounded a third accused of murdering a white girl, was promised by Alabama authorities today. While 150 national guardsmen stood guard behind barbed wire entanglements and trained machine guns on a crowd outside the court- house, the wounded member of the trio was brought before a special grand jury. Elmore Clark, suffering from three bullet wounds in the thigh, told the jury the mob of white men who took him and his two co-defendants from a sheriff late Saturday night all were masked. The trio, handcuffed together, was taken from the automobile into a nearby woods. The mob opened fire on them. Two of the negroes, Dan Pippen, Jr., 18, and A. T. Harden, 17, were shot to death. Clark told Sheriff Fayette Shamblin prior to the jury hearing that he escaped death by crouching be- neath the fallen body of Pippen. The mob left him for dead. He was found last night at the home of a negro friend. The trio were being taken to jail in Birmingham after their indictment here on charges of murdering Vaudine Maddox, 21, of Tuscaloosa county. Clark said Pippin and Harden confessed to the mob and absolved him of any part in the crime.