Swung Him Up Boys, Supposed To Be Deputies, Kill a Negro Prisoner

Source Type: Newspaper
Author: n.a.
Publisher: The Atlanta Constitution
Place of publication: Atlanta, GA
Date of publication: 6/26/1895

Mobile, Ala., June 25. – (Special.) – From Baldwin county, across Mobile bay, comes a story of brutality seldom equaled. Tom Parks, a negro, was accused of robbing the Grand hotel at Point Clear. He was placed under arrest. Two young white men, said to be deputy sheriffs, took the negro in charge. On the way to Daphne, the county seat, they told Parks he must make a confession. He refused to do so and was threatened with violence. He still remained obstinate and then the boys placed a rope around his neck and threw the other end over the limb of a pine tree, telling the negro they would hang him.

Parks again refused to talk and was strung up for two minutes. He cried for mercy and was cut doen, but refused to confess. He was then kicked and beaten almost into insensibility and again strung up. When the breath of life was about to leave him, he gave in and said he would tell all about the burglary. He was tehn cut down, and made a confession. The boys carried him to Dalphne jail and locked him up. The prisoner was almost dead and today Dr. Lee, of this city, went over to attend him. The doctor stated that Parks could not recover and it is reported tonight that he is dead. The deputy sheriffs are still at liberty and no move had been made to arrest them up to tonight. Parks made a dying declaration to a justice of the peace in which he told the above story.


“Swung Him Up
Boys, Supposed To Be Deputies, Kill a Negro Prisoner.” The Atlanta Constitution (Atlanta, GA), June 26, 1895.