The New Consitution

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: The Birmingham News
Place of publication: Birmingham, Alabama
Date of publication: 10/30/1901

The New Constitution. That the new instrument is vastly better than the old must be apparent to anyone who will take the time to make the comparison. The committee entrusted with the campaign for ratification saw that all that was needed was enlightenment and right well have they gone to work to accomplish that end. With the people enlightened they can always be trusted to do the right thing for themselves and the commonwealth. – Selma Journal. During the making of the Constitution there is no doubt but there was a strong sentiment against the instrument but since its completion the sentiment has decreased until there is practically no opposition in the section. The people have studied the question in a sober serious manner and have come to honest conclusions. The opposition died aborning and has never possessed strength enough to be active. – Troy Messenger. A vote for the new Constitution is a vote for the supremacy; it’s a vote for honest elections; it’s a vote for lower taxes; it’s a vote for better schools; it’s a vote for fewer Legislatures; it’s a vote for fewer elections; it’s a vote for home rule. A vote against the new Constitution is a vote for negro equality; it’s a vote for dishonest elections; it’s a vote for higher taxes; is a vote for poorer schools; it’s a vote for more legislatures; it’s a vote for more elections it’s a vote against home rule. Anniston Hot Blast.


“The New Consitution.” The Birmingham News (Birmingham, Alabama), October 30, 1901.