The Radical Hegira

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: The Independent Monitor
Place of publication: Tuscaloosa, AL
Date of publication: May 1, 1868 11:50 pm
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The Radical Hegira.

Tuskaloosa feels the absence of many of her quondam political nuisances. Unlike Rachel, however, she does not weep for these undutiful children. She rather rejoiceth with exceeding great joy. Within a few short months; society has been cleansed of many impurities. First were swept off the impudent Yankee-nigger-school–master arms, with his female porcupine. Wilson; one of the same calling from: Greensboro’, was pursued closely by crowds- one of Yankees it that he incontinently made tracks Northward. D.H Loveman the vile negro: loving: incharitable dog,” next departed on twenty-four hours’ notice. the patriot who was fast mounting the Radical Fladder of infamy, round by round, soon followed. Take him ‘for all in all, we ne’er-shall-look upon his like again.” Benton, “the she nigger teacher, caresser and lover incontinently left after swindling the kinky-headed urchins and liazies out of all their cents. Spencer has again “sloped” for parts unknown. He slips in and out of town at intervals. : This is a scary rendéred wild by Roddy in North Alabama. Hits foes are more anxious for his return than his lirinds. Allen Williams, the villain who was unfortunately flogged for insulting White women; and general impudence, has absconded for parts unknown. Lastly, F. Weber, the tailor who cut coats “so sheep,” and twas a loyal- leaguer, has also “cut dirt,” for parts unknown, on a stolen horse. Our beautiful city is now nearly free from foreign annoyances. Harper’s “Fellow-citizens at the front are getting to be scarce. There was a grand pic-nic at Foster’s Settlement on Saturday last, in honor of our humble self. Even if modesty permitted, time and space prevent, us from describing it this’ week. A correspondent sends us a spicy communication on the late, however; for, this issue.- Will be published next week. Foster’s Settlement is the stronghold of white men in Alabama. It is a pleasure to grasp the honest hands of the patriotic men and fair women who dwell there.