The Ryland Randolph Case

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: The Independent Monitor
Place of publication: Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Date of publication: Jun 1, 1868 11:50 pm
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The RYLAND RANDOLPH CASE.- We have received the following General Order from the Headquarters of the Sub District of Alabama, relative to the release of Mr. Ryland Randolph, editor of the Tuscaloosa Monitor. It will be observed that Section I. asserts that Mr. Ryland Randolph was found not guilty. Very good. The report, therefore, that he had been sentenced to ten years’ imprisonment to the Dry Tortugas, was incorrect. Section II., however, says that a telegraphic communication was sent to Selma from Atlanta, directing the release of Mr. Randolph. This telegram was sent on the 11th ; and we believe that it came from the President. Mr. Randolph was not released untilt the evening of the 11th. He tras released, as we asserted, on the strength of that dispatch; and we lave no hesitation in expressing our belief, and the belief of the community, that he would have followed the other victims to the Dry Tortugas, if that dispatcli had not been received on the 11th. Our belief is based upon the fact that much of the evidence admitted by the court against Mr. Randolplh was illegal, and when Mr. Randolph’s counsel desired to admit rebutting evidence of the same kind, it was invariably ruled out. Besides this, the Judge Advocate took special pains to put in evidence Mr. R’s political opinions, and to call him a “condemned felon.” We shall still believe that Mr. Randolph owes his verdict of acquittal and release to the order which came from the President for his discharge. The following is the document sent us by the military satraps : HEADQ’RS TIIRD MiL: DIST., (Dep’t Ga., Ala. and Fla.,) ATLANTA, GA. May 13, 1868. GENERAL ORDERS, No. 78. I. Before a Military Commission which convened at Selma, Ala.; April 29, pursuant to Special Orders No. 86, Headquarters, Third Military District, ‘dated Atlanta, Ga., April 24, 1868, and of which Brovet Major James Curtis, Captain 15th Infantry, is President, was arraigned and tried: Ryland Randolph, Citizen of Tuscaloosa, Tuscaloosa county, Ala. CHARGE- ” Assanlt and Battery with intent to +murder.” (Code of Alabama, 8670.)