The State vs Josephus Jowers Et Als

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: The Weekly Herald
Place of publication: Wetumpka, Alabama
Date of publication: 1/30/1896

The State vs Josephus Jowers Et Als. At last the trial of the case of the State vs Josephus Jowers, John Edwards, and John Morgan has been concluded. On last Frida before noon the jury that had been out with the case for about 18 or 20 hours brought in a verdict of guilty against Josephus Jowers and John Edwards with a sentence of ten years each and one of acquittal for John Morgan. This case has been one of much interest in the county and a trial and verdict has been awaited and some impatience. There has been considerable division of opinion upon what should be done with them—a part of our citizenship holding that they should be given the extreme penalty attached to such a crime and others who permitted sympathy to control their deliberations that they should go free. Twelve jurors of the county after having heard the evidence for the state and for the defense have decided that two were guilty and one innocent and have rendered a verdict in accordance with the law and both factions should be satisfied, All who favor the preservation of law and order should be content when their friends suffer the penalty of crime they have committed when they have had a fair and impartial trial. We sympathize their trouble, but they have had all the law could give and that is as much as anyone could ask.


“The State vs Josephus Jowers et als.” The Weekly Herald (Wetumpka, Alabama), January 30, 1996.