“The Tuskaloosa Riot.”

Source Type: Newspaper
Author: n.a.
Publisher: Southern Republic
Place of publication: Demopolis, Alabama
Date of publication: May 4, 1869 11:00 pm

For two weeks past our city has been filled with rumors of a riot near Tuskaloosa, the particulars of which we have not yet been able to learn. It was once reported that fourteen colored and three white men had been killed, but the number of deaths has dwindled to one. It appears that one night, about three weeks ago, four young men visited the residence of a negro near Northport, and tried to break into his house, using threatening language against a colored man who was harbored there. After they had been warned to leave and refused to do so, the colored man shot into the crowd, killing one of the young men, who is represented to have been the leader of the movement. The rest of the party returned to Northport for reinforcements, and during their absence, the family left for parts unknown. There is still much excitement in Tuskaloosa over the affair, and we learn that the Governor has been petitioned to send militia there to keep the peace. We trust the Governor will comply with the request. From some cause crime is of very frequent occurrence in that county, and it is evident that the authorities there are unable to maintain order, and need assistance from some source, and the State militia is the proper force to use in such an emergency.