Three Murders in one week, record for Tuscaloosa

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: The Tuscaloosa News
Place of publication: Tuscaloosa
Date of publication: 3/16/1919 0:00

THREE MURDERS IN : ONE WEEK IS RECORD FOR TUSCALOOSA/ None of These Offenses Were Committed Within City Limits of Tuscalooca Tuscaloosa is coming to the front very fast as a bad county, judging from the number of killings that have taken place during the past week. Out at Holt a negro girl killed n negro man by the name of Jim WII- liams, it being a case of the green- eyed monster. Ben Williams, a returned soldier, was shot and clubbed with a hammer at his place of business down near Big Sandy, in the Hull neighborhood. On Thursday night a son of Sam Cage, in the Ralph neighborhood, was found cut to pieces, being killed by parties unknown, von account of his actions toward a young lady Of the neighborhood, when he attempted to pull her from her horse. The latter murder is the only one of the three that seems to have an excuse for its perpetration, for it is the unwritten law of this land for a man to be killed who dares put his hands on a lady. In speaking of the crime that ham been committed here and in Birm- € ingham of late, Judge Henry B. Fos- ter, judge of the sixth judicial cir- t cuit, says that he has kept up with crime in all parts of the state and it is young men who are committing it, boys from fifteen to twenty-two It looks like the Judge has diaginosed the situation correctly, for the Holt murder was committed by a young woman. the returned soldier at Hull was killed by a couple of t negro boys, sixteen and eighteen, ne- a spectively, while the son of Sam Cage n found cut to pieces out at Ralph was a young negro. It is rather a strange o coincidence that all of the parties were negroes and all young.