Tricked From His Home, Tuscaloosa Negro is Lynched

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: The Birmingham Reporter
Place of publication: Birmingham, AL
Date of publication: 9/30/1933 0:00
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TRICKED FROM HIS HOME, TUSCALOOSA NEGRO IS LYNCHED Tuscaloosa, Ala., Sept. 27.-Early Sunday morning a band of white men went to the home of Dennis Cross, Negro, claiming to be officers bent on having Cross post a larger bond at the sheriff’s office, took him near the Tuscaloosa Country Club and riddled his body with bullets. Progs was at liberty on a $300 bond, posted in a case where a white woman had charged him with attempted as. sault. Cross was the third person to be lynched in Tuscaloosa County within six weeks. The other two were Dah Pippen, Jr., and A. T. Hardin, lynched Sunday, August 13th. Elmore Clark, intended as a victim when Pippen and Hardin were murdered, escaped with serious bullet wounds. Probe To Be Resumed Announcement is made this week that the probe started several weeks ago into the Pippen and Hardin lynching will be resumed Monday under Attorney-General Thomas E. Knight, Jr. This investigation is being made by a especial session of the Tuscaloosa Grand Jury. $400 Reward Offered Governor B. M. Miller announced Wednesday a $400 reward for the ap- prehension and conviction of any or all of the persons who took part in the lynching of Dennis Cross last Sun- day morning. The Tuscaloosa Grand Jury will probe this lynching in its regular session which comes October 9, according to Judge Foster of the Circuit Court.