Tuscaloosa Masons’ Banquet

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: The age-herald
Place of publication: Birmingham
Date of publication: Jul 17, 1898 12:00 am
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TUSCALOOSA MASONS’ BANQUET. New Officers Are Installed-First Train Over Warrior Branch of New Railroad. Special Dispatch to The Age-Herald. t s Tuscaloosa, July 16.-The installation of r officers of the Masonic lodge took place last night in the lodge rooms. Guests 7 were invited and a royal banquet was spread. The officer conducting was Judge 1 W. G. Cochrane, who has been for many 1 years the worshipful master. The following were installed as officers: W. E. Bingham, worshipful master; J. M. Ward, e senior warden; Walter Smith, junior war- 1 den; J. H. Tyler, secretary; W. F. Fitts, treasurer; D. C. Lilly, chaplain; Jas. Kilgore, senior deacon; W. Finnell, junior deacon; S. F. Herman, tyler; S. B. Herflin and B. B. Cooper, stewarts. The Warrior branch of the Mobile and 1 Ohio railroad is now completed and running as far as Tide Water mines, about nine miles from the city. Yesterday four car loads of coal came in, the first that have gone over the new line. A negro named John Durrett was shot a near Coaling Depot last night for threaten- S ing to report the lynchers of Wednesday. t The shot was not fatal. Miss Jessie Whelchel, the young daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Whelchel, of S Nrothport, died yesterday after a lingering illness. The funeral occurred this morning at the Baptist church in this city. Last night Mr. E. Basil Hayman, of the e Chicago American Field, stopped over here e with two recruits on his way to Cuba. – The recruits, Henry Dash and Wm. Norris, d also of Chicago, are artillerymen, and Mr. Hayman is to join Roosevelt’s Rough – Riders. f n Iliness Among Soldiers . Altoona, Prussia, July Ir.-A mysterious – illness seized the soldiers here after dinner yesterday. Today 165 are in the hospital. r An official examination of the food is being a made. d S y e