Tuskaloosa Gazette

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: Tuskaloosa Gazette
Place of publication: Tuscaloosa, AL
Date of publication: 17 July 1884

A black fiend in human shape on Tuesday morning last, attempted an outrage on a little ten year old child. He grabbed her by the throat and dragged her into the bushes and choked her until she was insensible. A buggy passing along at the time frightened him and prevented him from carring [sic] out his hellish design. The family is one of our most highly respected and lives in the suburb of our city, and she walked in every morning to take her music lessons.

No sooner had the news reached the city than a score or more of our young men were in the saddle searching in all directions. They stayed out all day and kept up the hunt in a [illegible] rain, but they failed to find the right one. Had [illegible] captured he would have been swung to a limb.

This is one of the unwritten laws and a good one too, that when a brute be caught attempting such a crime to promptly string him up, It is one of the few instances in which [illegible] lynched [illegible].


(1884, July 17). Tuskaloosa Gazette.