Two Negros Lynched 1 Wounded; Captured

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: Geneva County Reaper
Place of publication: Geneva Alabama
Date of publication: 8/18/1933 0:00

Two Negroes Lynched 1 Wounded; Captured Third Negro Found Elmore Clark, one of three ne- groes spirited away by a mob which overpowered Tuscaloosa of- ficers early Sunday morning, and who has been widely sought since the bullet-riddled bodies of his companions Dan Pippen and A. T. Harden, were found near Wood- stock, Ala., Sunday afternoon, was located late Monday suffering from bullet wounds in the right side and left arm, in an outhouse in the rear of a cabin near Vance, 22 miles Southeast of Tuscaloosa. Clark was taken by Sheriff R. L. Shamblin immediately to the Tus- caloosa jail, where he was being attended by physicials Monday night. The negro was given first aid, however, by a doctor of his own race who was present with the sheriff, before the journey back to Tuscaloosa was begun. Clark’s in- juries were not thought to be ser- ious. He was able to walk, the Sheriff said, but had little use of his wounded arm. Tuscaloosa, Ala., – Three Ne- groes, being spirited from Tusca- loosa to Birmingham for safekeep- ing, pending trial on charges of slaying a 21-year-old white girl early Sunday were taken from of- ficers and two of them found shot to death near Blocton, 23 miles west of Birmingham, in Bibb County. No trace had been found of the third Negro despite an intensive search through the day by peace officers of three counties. The removal followed increasing rumors here throughout Saturday that an attack would be made on the jail Saturday night to take the Negroes, Dan Pippen, Jr., 18, El- more Cark, 28, and A. T. Harden, 16 who were under indictment in the slaying of Miss Vaudine Mad- dox, in rural Tuscaloosa County several weeks ago. Pippen and Harden were found shot to death shortly before noon Sunday while Clark had disap- peared. Officers reported that bodies of the two Negroes bore approxi- mately 25 pistol wounds. Sheriff R. L. Shamblin, in an- nouncing that two armed cars had overpowered his deputies and tak- en the Negroes just inside the Jef- ferson County line, said “We took many precautions to prevent any- thing of this nature. I believe the interference of the International Labor Defense lawyers in the case is directly responsible for this vio- lation.” “Injection of the ILD in the Pippen trial and subsequent de- clarations of intention to contin- ue in the case had aroused public feeling to an intense pitch.”