68 Lynched in U.S. in 10 Months

Source Type: Newspaper
Creator: Broad Axe Newspaper
Place of publication: Chicago, Illinois
Date of publication: 22 November 1919

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People-70 Fifth Avenue. New York makes publish a statement showing that 68 persons were murdered by mobs in the United States in the first 10 months of 1919. Of the victims 61 were American citizen and two were Mexicans. Fifty-nine of the Americans done to death were Negroes, of whom 11 were burned at stake.

        “Among the causes for lynching were “circulating incendiary literature’ and ‘talking of Chicago’,” says the statement of the Advancement Association. “Four Negroes were lynched for ‘intimacy with white women. One for not turning out of the road for a white boy in an automobile, one for an altercation with a white man and one for being a leader of his race. Georgia led the states with 17 lynching, Mississippi followed with 10, Alabama and Louisiana dividing the honors of third place with 8 lynching each. The Tabulations follow:

Lynching in the United States in the First Ten Months of 1919. By States

Alabama, 8 (1 white); Arkansas, 5; Colorado,  2 (Mexicans); Florida 4; Georgia, 17; Louisiana, 8; Mississippi, 10; Missouri, 1 (White); Nebraska, 1; North Carolina, 2; South Carolina, 1; Tennessee, 1; Texas, 3. Total 63.

The manner of lynching was as follows: Burned, 11; Shot to death, 20; handed, 19; beaten to death, 2; cut to pieces, 1; drowned, 1; manner unknown, 9. Total 63.

The alleged causes are as follows: Insulting white women, 5; altercation with white man, 1, attempting to pull white woman from horse,1; trouble between white and colored cotton mill worker, 1; assault on white woman,12; murder, 18; insulting white man, 1; shooting white man,6; attempted assault on white woman, 4; result of race riot, 1; talking of Chicago riot, 1; not turning out of road for white boy in auto, 1; leader among Negroes,1; circulating incendiary literature, 1; misleading mob, 1;  boastful remarks rc killing of sheriff, 1; intimacy with white woman,4; found under bed in white man’s house 1; expressing himself too freely re lynching of Negro,1; causes unknown,1. Total 63.

With the above splendid or brilliant lynching record for the past ten months; there, still are many fools roaming around in this country who contend that it is highly civilized and full of Christians.-Editor


1919, November. 68 Lynched in U.S. In 10 Months. 11 Burned, 20 Shot, 19 Hanged. Broad Axe.