A Mississippi Butchery: Five Negroes Shot to Death In the Carrollton Jail

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: The Salt Lake Tribune
Place of publication: Salt Lake City, Utah
Date of publication: 1893

Pickens county, Ala. comes to the front again with an awful butchery of prisoners confined in jail at Carrollton. Paul Archer, Will Archer, Polk Hill, Ed Guyton and Ellen Fant, all negroes, and the latter a woman, were shot to death Thursday night by a mob of masked men. The men overpowered the guards at the jail and forcing their way to the cells of the victims, placed Winchesters through the grating and fired a volley. The negroes were suspected of burning a mill.


The Salt Lake Tribune. 1893 September 16. A Mississippi Butchery. Five Negroes Shot to Death In the Carrollton Jail. P. 1-8