A Mistrial

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: The Alexander City Outlook
Place of publication: Alexander City, Alabama
Date of publication: 5/17/1895

A Mistrial. The following from the Wetumpka Times-Democrat shows what was done last week with the murderers of Rufus Swindall: Alono Edwards, Will Jowers, and Luther Igram, the three beardless boys were convicted and sentenced to solitaire in the Penittentiay for the murder of Rufus Swindall, and their associated Josephus Joweres, John Morgan, and John Edwards, who were in on the killing of Rufus Swindall were put on trial and found guilty, but they could not agree on the penalty, consequently a mis-trial. The jury ruled as follows: 1 for ten years, 9 for life time improsonment, and 2 for hanging. The one for ten years finaly switched to hang, and then the jury for hanging and 8 for life time imprisonment but it seems Josephus Jowers is nearer the gallows than the other. Jowers will be tried again in June.


“A Mistrial.” The Alexander City Outlook (Alexander City, Alabama), May 17, 1895.