A Murderous Assault Cont’d

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: The Tuskaloosa Gazette
Place of publication: Tuscaloosa, AL
Date of publication: Apr 5, 1888 12:00 am
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The gardens are looking green. Several suspicious looking people are in the city. Our streets will soon be shaded by the dense foliage of lovely oaks. What about our proposed Opera House? “To be, or not to be that’s the question. Lieut. B. Steiner, of the University, is visiting his parents at Greenville. It to be hoped that the party who shot Israel Green and Isaac Craigg, near Castle Hill Thursday evening, will be arrested and justice meted out to them as they deserve. We would advise our readers to be very careful, and see that their doors and shutters are well secured before retiring. Several suspicious characters were seen on the streets yesterday, who are thought to be connected with gang of thieves. Rev. Mr. Howerton, who has been quite ill with pneumonia we are glad to state much better. His many friends hope for him speedy restoration to health. Messrs L. R. McAboy Co. our noted restaurant keepers haver traded Adams & Co. out of the privileges at Lake Lorraine and will commence at once the erection of nice building at the terminus of the street car line, where they will keep first class restaurant and nice eatables generally. This will be quite an attraction at the lake is the

The negro Israel Green, who was shot by Ed, a son of Mr. Wiley Thompson, of Cottondale, Thursday, died yesterday morning.

The other one, Isaac Craig is considered in a critical condition. Thompson has not been captured. News has reached us from Montgomery that an application has been filed in the Adjutant General’s office for the organization of colored military company at this place. The Warrior Guards, at their last meeting, were asked by their captain to give their opinion in regard to the organization 01 such company. A motion was put before the company as to whether they would endorse their organization. By a unanimous vote, the motion to discountenance any such company was carried. resolution was then passed to the effect that if such company was organized that the Warrior Guards would disband.