A Negro Killed

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: The Weekly Advertiser
Place of publication: Montgomery
Date of publication: Apr 11, 1876 11:50 pm

Negro Killed. Op the night of the 23d of March, = a daring and impudent negro was found in the bed-room of the daughter of Mr. S. H. Curry, a highly respectable planter in the Eastern portion of the county. The young ladies discovered him at late hour of of the night, sitting on the foot of their bed. They screamed in great terror, but before their father could reach their room, the black scoundrel made his escape. He was arrested the next in day, and upon preliminary investigation, was committed: to jail. But while he was being conveyed to this city, for the purpose of being turned over to the Sheriff, he succeeded in making his escape by cutting the rope, with which he was tied. Nothing more was heard of him until-the night of the 27th, when he again forced an entrance into Mr. Curry’s house. When he was ‘discovered, be had a dangerous looking knife open in his hand; And manifested a devilish determination to stand his ground. He resisted arrest with a drawn knife in his hand, and during the excitement that prevailed, someone shot and killed him instantly, an inquest was held, and the Jury then returned a verdict that deceased was killed by some one unknown. That the black villain was killed, was in no wonder. The only wonder is, that the exasperated friends of the young ladies did not hang him when he was first apprehended. We believe in law and order, and deprecate anything like violence and lawlessness but when a black scoundrel attempts an outrage upon a respectable young lady, we know of no court better suited to his case, than that of Judge Lynch: Hanging or shooting is too mild a death for such Ingrates. They should be burned at the stake.