A Negro Lynched

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: The Jacksonville Republican
Place of publication: Jacksonville, AL
Date of publication: 4/5/1890
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A NEGRO LYNCHED. FRANK GRIFFIN SWINGS FOR A HEINOUS CRIME AT STANTON. BIRMINGHAM, March 29. — Last Wednesday morning while two little white girls, the daughters of George Moore and Miles Lally, were on their way to school a short distance from Stanton, Ala. in the Ocmulgee meighborhood, they were waylaid and both outraged by Frank Griffin a negro man. The negro escaped and was not captures until last night near the cahaba river. He was brought back to the seen of his crime and placed under guard. During the night a mob of ared men in disguise overpowered the guards, took frank to a dogwood tree and hanged him. The negro made a full confession just before he was tied up, and a volley of buckshot was poured into him as he was swung.
The children he assulted were aged 9 and 4 years respectively. The yonger is thought to have been fataly injured.


“A Negro Lynched.” The Jacksonville Republican (Jacksonville, AL), April 05, 1890.