A second Lynching in Tuscaloosa County

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: The Times Picyaune
Place of publication: New Orleans, LA
Date of publication: Jul 15, 1898 12:00 am
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BIRMINGHAM. A Second Lynching in Tuscaloosa County. Birmingham, Ala., July 13.-Near Coaling, where on Wednesday Sidney Johnson, colored, was lynched for assaulting Mrs. Hodges and attempting to assault Miss Cobb, a 16-year- old white girl, serious race troubles are threat- ened. There was great indignation among the negroes at the lynching, and John S. Durrett, a notorious negro character, threatened to organize a band of blacks to kill whites and burn their homes to avenge Johnson’s death. Durrett was warned by the white people to keep quiet, and, failing to obey, he was ordered to leave Tuscaloosa county by last night. To this warning he sent a deflant reply. Late last night a posse went to his house and called to him to come out. Durrett refused, and when the posse surrounded the house he jumped out of a window and attempted to escape. The posse riddled him with bullets. Durrett died today. The negroes are greatly incensed at the af- fair, and further trouble is feared.