“A Terrible State of Things.”

Source Type: Newspaper
Author: n.a.
Publisher: Alabama Beacon
Place of publication: Greensboro, AL
Date of publication: Apr 30, 1869 11:00 pm

Letters and verbal reports received here from Tuscaloosa during the last two weeks, represent a terrible state of things as existing there. One white man and several negroes have been killed, and no one can tell when or how the lawless spirt that has been aroused there is to be quelled. From an account of the origin of the tragic affair, published in the Monitor, – it appears that on the night of the 20th ultimo, four young men, on their way home from North Port, rode up to a cabin some four miles from North Port, on Mrs. Cochrane’s plantation in which lived a family of negroes of very bad character, and had hardly halted, before they were fired into by several guns loaded with buckshot. One of the young men, named M. Findley, was killed – and his three companions wounded. The next day a number of the friends of the murdered man went in pursuit of the murderers. Of what has since occurred, we have only vague reports. The negro-named Levi-who was the ring leader in the affair, made his escape; but his father -(represented as a very bad man)-is those who have been killed by the avenging party. A terrible state of things, which may involve other communities, besides Tuskaloosa, in the most serious trouble.