Alabama Mob Lynches A Negro For Robbery

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: The Tampa Tribune
Place of publication: Tampa, Florida
Date of publication: 1916-01-26

Livingston, Ala., Jan. 25- An eighteen-year-old negro, Richard Burton caught robbing a store near Boyd Station, near here, last night, was today taken from his captors and hanged from the limb of a tree. His body was riddled by buckshot and pistol bullets. Lige Burton, his cousin, and Steve Knight, another negro said to have been implicated in the attempted robbery, are in jail here.

According to information received here, three negroes were detected last night rifling a store near Boyd Station, operated by Miss Kate Peale. Miss Peal’s brother was seriously stabbed in the fight that ensured but managed to hold Richard Burton.

Miss Peal bound the negro while her wounded brother held him. A neighbor volunteered to take the negro to Livingston, and was on his way there when the lynchers seized Burton.

Burton, it is said, gave the Peale’s the names of the negroes who were with him in the store. An investigation of the affair is being undertaken here by the sheriff and coroner.