Alabama, U.S., Wills and Probate Records, 1753-1999 for S S L Cochrane

Source Type: Federal Records
Author: n.a.
Publisher: Alabama, U.S., Wills and Probate Records, 1753-1999
Place of publication: Alabama

Last Will and Testament of S.S.L.Cochrane, deceased.
I, S.S.L. Cochrane a citizen of the County of Tuskaloosa, in the State of Alabama, being mindful of the uncertainty of this life, and being of sound mind and memory, do make and publish this, my last will and Testament. First- It is my will and desire that my executors shall pay and discharge all of my just debts and legal obligations as soon as possiable after death, our of any money that may belong to my estate or other property of mine, which in the discretion of my executors, it may be best to use for that purpose. Second- I give and bequeath all of the real estate of which I die-seized and possessed, to my three children and grand-son, Namely: Sophia H.Fitts, Harden P. Cochrane, Louisa H. Perkins and John T. Cochrane, to have and to hold to mj said children and grandson, John T. Cochrane, an undivided one- fourth interest each in all of my said landed estate. The said interest of the said So, hia H. Fitts and the said Louisa H. Perkins shall and must vest absolutely in them respectively, to their separate use, benefit, control and behoof, to be held and enjoyed by them, together with their portion of the rents incomes and profits thereof, free from the control or debts for inter- ference of either of their hundands. It is my will, purpose and intention, that all of my real estate shall vest absolutely in my three children and grand-son, John T. Cochrane, as above stated, and it is not my purpose or intention by this my will to create an “Entailed Estate”, but an estate in “Fee simple”, share and share alike to each of my said three children and grand-son, John T. Cochrane. Third- It is my will that my household and kitchen furniture be divided among my four children, without a sale thereof, and in order to carry out this my wish, I hereby give and bequeath the following articles to each of them specially, to wit: To my beloved daughter Sophia H. Fitts I give and bequeath the following zrticles, namely: the portrait of herself by Mr. SaundeFs, the Portrait of her great grandmother, Mrs. Sarah Holland, a lock- et, a minature of her grandmother, Mrs. S.S.Perkins, also old piano, one vase, two large glass shades, plated pair of candle-snuffers, (once her grandmother’s) , one pair of China Candle-sticks ornamented with birds, all of my finger bowls, octagon picture, “Spider Web” One picture, “Meditation” in back parlor, a long damask table-cloth, (bought 48 years ago) set of Mahogany dining tables ( three in number) made by Augustine Lynch and given to me by my mother, one rosewood center table, mahogany bureau with small drawers on side, large yellow wardrobe, bureau with oval glass and marble slab, bedstead in South room, bed and mattrass, washstand with marble top, sideboard, small scarlet sofa, scarlet arm-chair, two small scarlet chairs, one Elizabethian chair, one Porter’s chair, silver basket and a Degauero- type of her father, Wm. Cochrane, Spark’s Life of Washington (several vol- umes) To my beloved son, Harden P. Cochrane, I give and bequeath the following articles, to wit: The Portrait of his grandfather, Harden Perkins, the Portrait of his Grandmother, Sophia S. Perkins, the Degauerotype of his grandfather, Harden Perkins, the Degauerotype of his father, Wm. Cochrane, the Diamond ring given to me by my father, rolling desk and book-ease combined, a bureau with marble slab and mirror, small pine wardrobe in eastern room, plush sofa and all the plush chairs, eight in number belonging to the set, one small brocatel scarlet sofa, one arm chair- brocated scarlet, one small chair, pair of large plated candle-sticks, the best silver plated basket, picture of Shakspeare and his friends. To hy beloved daughter, Louisa H. Perkins, I give and bequeath the following ar- ticles, to wit: the plano presented to me by Uncle Sam Cochrane, One Etagere (rosewood) cameo pin with likeness of her father, one vase once belonging to her grandmother S. Perkins, two china vases in front parlor, photograph of Mrs. Lilly E. Cochrane, all Photographs belonging to me left in her house, which includes pictures of her family, oil painting by Dr. Ha ,rington, largest mahogany frame mirror, small mahogany mirror, pine wardrobe in Northwest room, one Elizabethian chair, one black and red brocatel arm chair, two small scarlet brocatel chairs, old damask table cloth bought 48 years ago, plated silver branch candle sticks, with three sockets for candles, all of my silver forks and spoons and plated knives and all remanents of silver. To my beloved son, Wm. G. Cochrane, I give and bequeath the following articles, to wit: The Portrait of his Father Wm. G. Cochrane Portrait of grandfather, Hardin Perkins, the degaeurotype of Gilbert when a child, the largest brocatel sofa, one red and black brocatel sofa two small scarlet brocatel chAirs, one red and black brecatel armchair, four red and black brocatel small chairs, one Porter’s chair, one cane-bottom sofa, Writing desk resented by Law Students to his father, all of the mahogany old chairs, recovered in blue cotton cloth, Mahogany bedstead and mattrass, new Wooden Washstand, pine ward- robe in Southwest room, poplar bureau once used by his father, but noy not especially prized, one hat rack, one silvercastor, and one silver soup ladle and two glass shades. All the rest of m; personal property I desire my children to divide amongst themselves except my wearing apparel which I desire my two daughters to have, if they fail to act in the matter then I request my executors to make the division necessary and their action shall be final as to this matter. I have one hundred shares of stock in the Birmingham Building and Loan association, series 26. I have also given in addition 16 shares in the same association to be equally divided between my son H.P.Cochrane and daughter L.H.Perkins, which is a very small compensation for their kindness to me. I have made six payments on all of these amounts which by self-denial I have saved from the rents of my property. I direct that my farm not be divided until this 26 series be matured, and that the balance of the dues on the 116 shares of stock be paid out of the proceeds of the rent, also the taxes on all of my property, after these stocks are matured. I direct that my son H.P.Cochrane and daughter L.H.Perkins shall receive their sixteen shares already given above, as I have never paid them any board and the one hundred shares to be equally divided be- tween my three children, namely: Sophia H. Fitts, Harden P. Cochrane, Louisa H. Perkins and grandson, John T. Cochrane, and authorize my two sons P.Cochrane and Wm. G. Cochrane my executors to distribute this money. All money that may be left after paying my debts and expenses shall be by my executors divided equally among my three children as named above and Grandson John T. Cochrane without unnecessary delay . Fourth. It is my will that my executor or executors hereinafter named shall wind U3 my estate as quickly as possiable after my death to the best interest of all of my children. All rents that may be due me shall be collected by my executors, after paying my debts, if I have any and the taxes for the current year, to de- vide the amount equally among my three children asnamed above and grandson, John T. Cochrane. After the first year and when the above series of stock shall have matured, I hope that my executors will be relieved of further responsibility by letting each one arrange to collect his or her own share of the rents of my land, if it be desired to keep it together, as I do not wish to have my executors put