Alleged Negro Murderer Suffers the Usual Fate in Alabama

Source Type: Newspaper
Date of publication: 2/20/1894

Lewis Hendricks, the third negro implicated in the murder of Mrs. Jessie Rucker at Stanton Thursday, weas caught near Jemison tonight and shot to death. Mrs. Rucker was waylaid by two negroes and murdered while going from her home to that of a neighbor. Bill George, colored, was arrested Friday and confessed implicating Abe Seddon. The later denied his guilt, but both were lynched, as blood was found on their clothes. Later on evidence was discovered implicating Lewis Hendricks, who was arrested Saturday. He denied his guilt and on the way to jail escaped, receiving two bullets as he fled. He was run down with dogs in a swamp.


“Alleged Negro Murderer Suffers the Usual Fate in Alabama.” (), February 20, 1894.