“An Outrage in Tuscaloosa County” Eutaw Whig Report on Leatherwood from Memphis Public Ledger

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: Public Ledger
Place of publication: Memphis, TN
Date of publication: Nov 15, 1868 11:50 pm
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An Outrage in Tuscaloosa County, We learn that on the 3d instant a horrible outrage was committed on the person of a lady living on the borders of Greene and Tuscaloosa counties. The husband of the lady had gone to the polls, and a negro named Henry Leatherwood, about twenty years of age, used this opportunity to accomplish his hellish design. Although a vigorous pursuit was carried on, the villain had not been apprehended when last accounts were received, Is there any punishment sufficiently awful for such a fiend? We think not- Eutaw Whig and Observer.