Bury Victims of Rioting in Alabama Town

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: The News-Palladium
Place of publication: Benton-Harbor, MI
Date of publication: July 7, 1930

Rifles and pistols were sheathed today as this strife-torn village completed the burial of its dead- two white men and four Negroes- slain in disorders arising from an Independence day debt dispute.

Four other Negroes, each with a prize of $300 on his head, still were at large, but virtually all of several hundred white possemen had given up a three-day man-hunt instituted after a Negro family engaged in a gun fight with a white family over the payment for an automobile bat-tery.

Official rewards which have been posted for the four Negro fugitives. Governor Bibb Graves said at Mont-gomery, “are not merely for Negroes who killed white men,” but would be paid “for the arrest and conviction of anybody, white or black, respon-sible at Emelle.”

Killed by Searchers

An unidentified Negro man and Viola Dial, a Negro woman, were the last two killed. They were shot death yesterday when the commands of white searchers were not obeyed. Previously Grover Boyd and Charlie Marrs, both white men, were killed and in turn a Negro was lynched and another fatally shot. Both of the Negroes were kinsmen of Tom Robertson, who, with three sons, fled and has not been apprehended.

The unidentified Negro killed yes-terday, officers said, replied with a white man, upon being ordered to bullets and wounded Clarence Bush, submit to a search. The Negro wom-an was slain when her husband fail-ed to halt his automobile at the command of possemen.

On Independence day Tom Robert-son and his sons attacked Clarence Boyd after he had reclaimed an auto-mobile battery for which the Ne-groes had failed to pay him.

Grover Boyd, an uncle of Clarence, ran to his aid and was fatally shot by one of the Negroes.

A crowd gathered, lynched Jacob Robertson, who had participated in the attack, fired the home of John Robertson, a relative, and shot him to death when he killed Charlie Marrs, a white posseman and wounded Jim Ayers, another white man.