Can’t Interfere with Lynchings Says United States Atty, General

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: Negro Star
Place of publication: Wichita, Kansas
Date of publication: 9/8/1933 0:00
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CANT INTERFERE WITH LYNCHINGS SAYS UNITED STATES ATTY. GENERAL Washington, D. C-The statement what the Federal government campy ber we;; interfere with lynch law in Alabama was slower given U.S. Attorney GeneraLH. s. Cummings, and his assistant Attorney General Stanlev to a delegation composed chiefly of Negro and white lawyers who called on the late Thursday to demand federal arrest and and prosecution of the lynchers in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The lawyers forced the attorney general to grant an interview after repeated stalling on the part of their office, which went so far as to state falsely that Cummins was out of town, to get out of it. Those on the delegation were E. W. Baker, of the Washington Tribune Charles H Holeman, vice dean of the Howard Law School; Allen Taub, ILD ? driven out of Tuscaloosa by ? Foster when he came to defend Dan Pippen Jr, .T. Harden, who were later lunched and Elmore Clarke who ? death at the lynchers’ ?