Chas. W. Stallworth Kills John Thomas, Colored

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: The Eutaw Whig and Observer
Place of publication: Eutaw, Alabama
Date of publication: Aug 24, 1899 12:00 am
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The following dispatch from Tuscaloosa to the Birmingham New will be read with interest by our readers, and especially so by those of Greene county, as Mr. Stallworth was, until about two years ago, a citizen of this county and resided near Springfield : “Tuscaloosa, Ala, Aug. 23. – C. W. $tallworth, of Cuba, Ala, shot and killed John Thomas, colored, this morning at 6 o’clock. Stallworth, who is a sawmill operator, had been in pursuit of the negro several weeks. Thomas was in his employ near Cuba, and in his employer’s absence assaulted Mrs. Stallworth in her bed. She screamed and a young man on the premises came to her rescue. The negro was recognized~ as John Thomas, a laborer in Stallworth’s employ. Stallworth arrived here on the 4:10 train this morning and found the negro on the corner of Greensboro and Cotton streets. The negro started to run, and Stallworth fired twice with a shotgun, striking. him in the back and shoulder. The negro ran two blocks and fell dead ” The Tuscaloosa correspondent of the Birmingham Ledger gives the following account of the affair, which fur- S nishes more particulars about the killing of the would-be rapist and how he was located : “Thomas, who is a good machinist, came to Tuscaloosa about two weeks ago and secured employment with the 9 Electric Light Company. He had had his bicycle sent from Cuba to Tuscaloosa for repairs before his attempted outrage, and yesterday i wrote a letter to Cuba to forward the e handlebars to Tuscaloosa to a fictitious name which he gave in the letter. . This gave his whereabouts away and Mr. Stallworth came here on the 4:10 train this morning, and while, two a hours later, he was standing talking to his brother, who is here, saw the negro, John Thomas, coming up Greens- n boro street or his way to work. t Stallworth stepped inside the market house and got his brother’s gun, which was loaded with No. 8 birdshot, and crossing the street called to the 1 negro: “Is that you John?” The negro turned round and seeing Mr. Stall- e worth, replied “No, sir; this aint e me,” and started to run, when Mr. F t Stallworth emptied the contents of . – both barrels in his back, neck and shoulders, killing him almost instantly. Stallworth offered to give himself up, but no one seemed to want him, and it is reported that the following messhge was sent by him to his uncle at Cuba this morning:” (Tuscaloosa, Ala., Aug. 20. “Arrived at 4:10, killed John at 6:20; be home on fast train this evening.”